ICYMI: Argus Leader - Editorial: Billie Sutton makes sense for South Dakota

Just weeks after polling showed Sutton in the lead and national ratings upgraded the race to a toss-up, yesterday afternoon the editorial board of South Dakota’s largest daily newspaper, The Argus Leader, endorsed Senator Billie Sutton in South Dakota’s gubernatorial race.

The board writes of Sutton:

“But Sutton represents a substantial leadership shift that could benefit all South Dakotans, not just those who fit a certain ideology. For voters who approved Initiated Measure 22 in 2016 to deal with corruption, only to see it torn asunder by Republican legislators, his plans for greater oversight ring true.”

“The role of South Dakota’s chief executive should not be defined by blind party allegiance, but rather an understanding of what is best for all citizens. Sutton’s more moderate and collaborative approach could be just what our state government needs to restore confidence in its ability to seek progress, avoid prejudice and pave the way for a limitless future.”

“With an eye toward the Nov. 6 election, we endorse Billie Sutton to become the next governor of South Dakota.”

Read the whole endorsement here.

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