Plans and Priorities

Improving Care for Families

We have work to do to make sure our aging population has access to care in their communities, to ensure access to care regardless of the size of your hometown, to end stigma surrounding mental health care, and to ensure accessible treatment options for our neighbors struggling with addiction.

Planting Seeds for Growth

We overcome, floods, drought, hail, wind, and winter storms like Atlas. Agriculture is key to growth in South Dakota and I look forward to working with farmers and ranchers across the state as your next governor to build a Stronger South Dakota for everyone.


Education for the Next Generation

Starting in early childhood and throughout their adult lives, South Dakotans deserve world-class educational opportunities to ensure bright futures for our state and its families.

Building a Stronger South Dakota Economy

Our approach to building a stronger South Dakota should be centered around our best resource: our people. I’m focused on creating opportunities and working together to make sure nobody gets left behind as we develop, grow, and prosper.

Restoring Trust and Integrity

South Dakota needs a leader in the Governor’s office willing to fight for the type of open, honest, and accessible government South Dakotans deserve. Billie has a record of championing trust and transparency and will continue to fight to restore government integrity.

Kiwanjila|United as One

As governor of our great state, I will do all I can to ensure South Dakota Native Americans have access to quality education, economic opportunities, jobs, health care services, quality housing, and state government partnerships they need and deserve.

Senator Sutton's Track Record

From fighting for grassroots economic development, to strengthening our schools, and holding our government accountable, Billie has worked as a bipartisan consensus builder to make sure the people’s voice is heard.