Register by October 22nd | Vote on November 6th

Did you know that you can vote early at your county auditor’s office between now and Election Day?

In South Dakota, there are three ways to vote:

Vote Early

  • Starting September 21st, you can cast your ballot for Billie at your county auditor’s office.

  • Until the October 22nd registration deadline, you can register and vote on the SAME DAY!

  • Make sure that you bring your state ID and do not wear any campaign paraphernalia.

  • We encourage early voting so that you can volunteer for the campaign and help get out the vote on election day.

Vote by Mail

  • Any registered voter can vote by mail with an absentee ballot

  • To vote by mail, you must confirm that you are registered to vote and then fill out an absentee ballot request form.

  • Mail the absentee ballot request form and a copy of your state ID to your county auditor’s office.

  • They will send you a ballot that you can fill out and send back to your auditor’s office.

Vote on Election Day

  • Election day is Tuesday, November 6th 2018.

  • You must be registered by October 22nd in order to cast a ballot for Billie.

  • To find out your polling place and confirm you are registered, click here