Press Release - Sutton Earned Bipartisan Respect

SIOUX FALLS - In his eight years in the South Dakota Senate, Billie Sutton, candidate for South Dakota governor, has earned the respect of colleagues on both sides of the aisle for his trustworthiness and direct and honest leadership to get things done for his constituents and state.

Regarding the bipartisan respect he worked hard to earn, Senator Billie Sutton said:

“I’m honored to have earned the respect of folks on both sides of the aisle because that’s the only way to get things done and build a stronger South Dakota. Bipartisanship and finding common ground are values that guide me because I’ve learned that we can go a lot further together.”

Read some of what Sutton’s Republican colleagues have said about Senator Sutton over the years:


"I often also say that one of my best friends in the entire state is Billie Sutton, and that one of the things that I look forward to every year is being able to be here and serve with him.  Billie has always been the finest example that I’m aware of disagreeing without being disagreeable."

"He’s forced me to examine my own opinions and either hold them more closely to my chest and more deeply in my heart, or he has helped me understand that there is more than one way to view what we think about out here in our great state. And I will always be indebted to him as a friend, as a colleague, and a peer." (Speech on the SD Senate Floor 3.9.18)


"I welcome Senator Billie Sutton into the race for South Dakota’s next Governor. Billie and I have been friends for a long time and we have agreed that nothing will change our friendship. I look forward to seeing him on the campaign trail and positively talking about the issues that affect South Dakotans." (Marty Jackley's Facebook 5.31.17)


“The difference with Billie Sutton… is that this candidacy will be less political and more inspirational. More about leadership than politics. And as a result, the charisma that he exudes will out flank any other candidate of any party. Billie Sutton’s time is now and South Dakota is lucky to have him.” (SDPB: On The Other Hand 6.6.17)


“Billie Sutton is a man who keeps his word and leads with integrity and heart. I’ve seen it happen day after day in his service as a legislator. He is a person who sacrifices personal gain to benefit his constituents. He has a gift of listening and analyzing policy and appropriations to prioritize the needs of our state, not just the wants. He has worked with legislators of all political stripes to promote the best policies for our state. I believe he will continue to do that as our governor and lead our state.” (SDPB: On The Other Hand 8.16.18)


“He’s an average South Dakotan. He … works hard for the people he represents, and doesn’t play the politics as hard as some assistant minority leaders have in the past.” (Argus Leader 7.14.13)


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