ICYMI: AP FACT CHECK: Noem Lacks Proof Sutton Supports Income Tax

Yesterday, AP reporter James Nord released a fact check of Congresswoman Noem’s income tax accusations, finding them false and lacking proof: AP FACT CHECK: Noem Lacks Proof Sutton Supports Income Tax

Nord writes:

“A look at the claim:

NOEM ad: "Democrat Billie Sutton wants a new state income tax." - TV ad text, Oct. 13.

THE FACTS: The claim is mostly false.” 

“Noem's campaign hasn't provided evidence of any time when Sutton publicly endorsed an income tax.

Noem's campaign has cited the state Democratic Party's platform to bolster its case, saying in an earlier TV advertisement that Sutton's "own state Democrat Party wants to create a new state income tax." 

The party's 2018 platform contains a section saying it supports a "tax system which taxes all income levels fairly as allowed" by the state constitution. Party Chairwoman Ann Tornberg said it isn't advocacy for an income tax, but instead a statement about fair taxes. Tornberg also noted Sutton wasn't a voting convention delegate when the platform was adopted.”

In response to Noem’s exposed lies, Sutton for South Dakota campaign manager Suzanne Jones Pranger said:


“The Congresswoman’s blatant disrespect for her opponent, for South Dakotans, and for the office of the Governor is deeply disappointing. It’s clear Kristi Noem will do anything to win – including lying to mislead and manipulate voters. South Dakota deserves better leaders with South Dakota values and strong ethics to fix what’s broken in state government.”

Read the rest of the fact check here.

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