Press Release - Sutton Releases Healthcare Plan as Noem No-Shows Healthcare Forum

SIOUX FALLS - On the same week Senator Billie Sutton released his healthcare plan, Congresswoman Kristi Noem skipped a live healthcare forum hosted by the South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations featuring all other major candidates in the US House and Governor's races including Dusty Johnson, Tim Bjorkman, and Billie Sutton. Even though the US House isn’t in session today and no votes were cast yesterday, Noem sent only a short video message to today’s Forum.


Noem's latest healthcare no-show is just one of many examples where Noem has refused to show up and discuss important issues in person with South Dakota voters. Even as the only voice for South Dakota in the US House, Noem hasn't been showing up for South Dakota in DC either.


While Noem is avoiding questions from South Dakota healthcare providers, Billie Sutton has shown up and proposed solutions. This week, Sutton released his healthcare plan to improve access to care for South Dakotans and took questions from the audience of healthcare professionals at a roundtable in Rapid City and at today's SD Association of Healthcare Organizations forum.