Press Release- Billie Sutton Donates 500 Pounds of Beef to Feeding South Dakota and Challenges Other Producers to Donate

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SIOUX FALLS–– In celebration of Ag Week, Senator Billie Sutton donated over 500 pounds of Sutton Ranch beef to Feeding South Dakota in Sioux Falls Saturday. Sutton made the donation to celebrate South Dakota’s number one industry and the producers who have built it. 

“Having grown up on our ranch in central South Dakota and running a cattle operation with my family still today, agriculture is a very important part of my life. That’s true for a lot of South Dakotans. We recognize the importance of the work producers do to feed the world, and making this donation was a way to show the pride I have for South Dakota’s #1 industry.”

Sutton knew the most fitting way to celebrate South Dakota’s agricultural product was to share it. He donated a whole beef to Feeding South Dakota at their warehouse on the last day of Ag Week and toured the facility to learn more about food insecurity in the state.

“I just think it’s important that we as producers show how proud we are of our product and continue to work to feed people. We have a focus on, especially in South Dakota, of feeding the world and what better place to start than in South Dakota." (KSFY News)

Sutton issued a challenge to other South Dakota farmers and ranchers to donate their product, too. In a state feeding people around the world, we can all do our part to make sure no child or family in South Dakota goes hungry.

National Ag Week is organized by the Agriculture Council of America to promote the role of agriculture in our society across the country from March 18-24.

Find out more about donating to Feeding South Dakota on their website:

Billie Sutton is a rancher, financial professional at a small community bank, State Senator, former professional rodeo cowboy, fifth-generation South Dakotan, and candidate for Governor.