Press Release - Sutton Defines Clear Choice in Gubernatorial Debates

SIOUX FALLS - With the third and final debate of the general election finished, the choice between candidates is clear for voters. Congresswoman Noem’s Washington-style divisiveness was met with Senator Sutton’s South Dakota common sense solutions and passionate pleas for bipartisanship.

In each debate, Sutton made the case for bringing people of all parties together to address South Dakota problems, like government corruption, workforce development, and education. His response to Congresswoman Noem’s question regarding why he’s a Democrat with some conservative views best summarized the difference between the candidates:

“One of the problems in politics is that we put people in a box, and you automatically assume that every person that’s labeled an 'R' or a 'D' has all those same beliefs.  No wonder so many people are switching to be Independents in this state. It’s no wonder. But I’m registered as I am because I believe in fighting for the middle class; I believe in fighting for the working class. I believe that education and investments in education can pull you up and give you opportunities that you would have never had. I believe that access to healthcare coverage - affordable coverage - gives you opportunities to succeed in this state. That’s why I’m registered as I am. But you know what? Party affiliation doesn’t matter to me, and I’ve proven that by choosing a Republican to be my running mate. I’ve proven that by working across the aisle to find common ground and find solutions for South Dakota’s problems. Because our problems aren’t Republican or Democrat, they’re South Dakota problems. That’s what we need to be fighting for.  Those are the solutions that I’m going to fight for as governor of South Dakota.”

Sutton will spend the remainder of the campaign criss-crossing the state on his 19-stop South Dakota Strong tour to meet with and listen to voters.


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