Press Release- Sutton Releases Government Trust & Integrity Plan

BURKE – Senator Billie Sutton, candidate for South Dakota Governor, today released his “Restoring Trust & Integrity Plan,” a detailed policy blueprint to fight corruption and complacency in state government. The plan outlines Sutton’s comprehensive approach to make state government more transparent and trustworthy.

In the video released with the plan, Sutton says:

“There is a real lack of trust in what your government is doing, and we need people to run for office that you can trust. I’m one of those individuals because I have learned the values that every South Dakotan holds dear - the values of honesty and integrity. I’ve lived that, and I will focus on that as Governor of South Dakota.”

Sutton’s plan includes a focus on three major areas where improvements are needed to ensure government is working efficiently, with transparency and integrity: 

Trust and Accountability: To restore trust in the state government, Sutton proposes measures to crack down on corruption and increase oversight on all branches of government. The document outlines plans to prohibit self-dealing, limit gifts, end the good ol’ boys club, and strengthen ethics oversight and whistleblower reporting.

Campaign Finance Reform: In order to curb money’s influence in our elections, Sutton aims to reinstate voter-approved campaign finance limits and eliminate pay-to-play practices to limit conflicts of interest in Pierre.

Transparency and Open Government: Sutton also lays out his plans to truly open government to the public. He plans to retain and open more government documents to public view, make more records publicly searchable, and offer greater public and press accessibility to officials throughout his administration. Sutton also highlights the need for more transparent disclosures in lobbying, conflict of interest, and government contract.

Review the entire proposal here, and view the accompanying video here. A 1-page executive summary is available here.

Senator Sutton will host a press conference call to answer questions about this plan TODAY at 11 AM. Press can contact for call-in instructions.

Billie Sutton is a rancher, financial professional at a small community bank, State Senator, former professional rodeo cowboy, fifth-generation South Dakotan, and candidate for Governor.

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