Press Release - Sutton Releases Healthcare Plan with Roundtable in Rapid City

RAPID CITY - Senator Billie Sutton, candidate for South Dakota governor, today released his latest policy plan titled “Improving Care for Families: A Plan for a Strong and Healthy South Dakota” with a healthcare roundtable discussion in Rapid City.

Sutton said, “Quality healthcare has played a big role in my life, and I’m glad to have the chance to sit down with folks who know our healthcare system best and talk about how we can prioritize access and affordability while making sure South Dakotans across the state are getting the care they need.”

The plan outlines Sutton’s priorities for improving healthcare in South Dakota:

  • Improving healthcare access in our healthcare hubs and rural communities

  • Supporting elderly and disabled South Dakotans in need of care

  • Making healthcare affordable for hard-working South Dakotans

  • Improving access to mental and behavioral health services in our state

  • Providing more comprehensive addiction treatment for opioids, meth, and alcohol

Read the full plan here.

Billie Sutton is a rancher, financial professional at a small community bank, State Senator, former professional rodeo cowboy, fifth-generation South Dakotan, and candidate for Governor.


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