ICYMI: Sutton Gains Momentum as Noem No-Shows Another Debate

In case you missed it, Inside Politics, a nonpartisan election analysis firm, today upgraded Billie Sutton’s chances for winning the 2018 South Dakota gubernatorial election.

This national recognition of Sutton’s momentum comes in the same week Noem dodges another debate, this time at the State Fair - a regular election stop for South Dakota campaigns. In Bob Mercer’s latest article about Noem’s missed debates, “Would a stand-in be better than a no-show candidate?”, he points out:

“But because Noem wouldn’t appear, organizations scrapped at least three. One was a KSFY TV debate Sunday at the State Fair.”

In the same article, Sutton remarked:

“‘The people don’t want a governor who will send someone else to answer questions and deal with the tough issues,’ he said. He added, ‘South Dakotans want a governor that will show up themselves, be open and accountable to the people, and lead by their actions.’”


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