Press Release- Sutton Releases Plan to Build a Stronger SD Economy

SIOUX FALLS – Senator Billie Sutton, candidate for South Dakota Governor, today released his “Building a Stronger South Dakota: A Plan for a Stronger South Dakota Economy.” The plan highlights the actions Sutton will take as governor to build an economy that rewards hard work and strengthens South Dakota families.

Sutton said, “As we look to the future we want to build for our children and grandchildren, we’re lucky that in South Dakota we have some of the most honest, common sense, and hard-working folks to build our economy. My approach to building a stronger South Dakota is centered around our best resource –  our people.”

Sutton’s plan focuses on rewarding hard work, training people for the jobs we already have, creating jobs for the people we educate, and planning for strong economic development regardless of where you live in our state.

To achieve these objectives, the plan:

  • Proposes concrete actions and programs to put our students and life-long learners on the path to good paying jobs
  • Focuses on investing in our people through education - in both technical and professional careers - as a central element of workforce development
  • Stresses the importance of creating an environment that is friendly and encouraging to employers, employees, and their families
  • And highlights the kinds of innovation he’ll pursue in some of our largest industries to keep us relevant and prosperous for future generations

“In my day job as a finance professional at a local community bank, I’ve learned that the economy is actually pretty simple: it’s people. I’m focused on creating opportunities for South Dakotans and working together to make sure nobody gets left behind as we develop, grow, and prosper as a state. I’m a proud South Dakotan, and I’ll fight to make sure our economy rewards the hard-working families that make our state strong,” Sutton continued.

Review the entire proposal here, and a 1-page executive summary here.


Billie Sutton is a rancher, financial professional at a small community bank, State Senator, former professional rodeo cowboy, fifth-generation South Dakotan, and candidate for Governor.

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