Trust and Transparency Evident in Sutton Campaign Finance Report

Senator Sutton is a trusted champion of open, transparent, and accountable government. Sutton for South Dakota has provided information about its donors in accordance with applicable state law and the requirements of the Secretary of State’s office at the time.

Beginning on December 20, 2017 the Sutton campaign sought guidance from the Secretary of State's office regarding how ActBlue South Dakota contributions should be reported. The Secretary of State’s office, in a written opinion sent via email on January 3, 2018, instructed the campaign to “list the contribution as coming from Act Blue on the report.”

The Secretary’s reclassification of ActBlue South Dakota is entirely unrelated to the Sutton campaign’s recent finance report, as clearly stated in the language of the Secretary of State’s letter to ActBlue South Dakota noting an effective date of January, 2018 for the change.

Even though the Sutton 2017 Year-End report is in full compliance with applicable statutes and the Secretary’s opinion at the time, Sutton remains committed to openness and transparency, and thus, will make available information about the supporters who gave to Act Blue South Dakota on his behalf.