Press Release - Sutton’s Real Neighbors Speak Out in New Ad

SIOUX FALLS - In response to Congresswoman Noem’s false attack ads featuring Sutton’s “so-called neighbors,” Sutton’s real neighbors have decided to speak out in a new ad titled “Real Neighbors.”

In the ad, Christi Rozeboom, Bryan Hanson, Dean Rozeboom, Virginia Tolstedt, Mike Jones, and Dr. John Malm identify themselves and their connections to Sutton before explaining the truth about Sutton’s character and integrity.

Neighbor Christi Rozeboom said:

“My name is Christi Rozeboom, and I am officially one of Billie’s neighbors. Our property is right up next to them, and we share fences…. We get the pleasure of riding with them and working with them or branding and cattle round-ups, going to church with them.”

Neighbor Dr. John Malm said:

“There’s been a lot said about Billie Sutton, but the best people to say it are his real day-to-day neighbors. And we think the world of Billie.”

Sutton’s wrestling coach, Mike Jones, said:

“The thing about Billie is his work ethic and his drive.... I think that's what’s going to make him be just a great governor.”

Watch the full ad here.


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