Press Release - Sutton Releases Plan to Honor South Dakota Veterans

SIOUX FALLS – While visiting the Michael J. Fitzmaurice Veterans Home in Hot Springs today, Senator Billie Sutton released his “Strong in Service to State & Nation” Veterans Plan. Sutton’s plan highlights his priorities as governor to support, recognize, and honor the service of South Dakota veterans.

Sutton’s plan recognizes every South Dakota veteran by ensuring they have access to quality education and healthcare. Sutton plans to place a special emphasis on women and Native American veterans, who make up higher percentages of the state’s veteran population than most states.

Sutton said:

“As we look to the future we must honor the past. One of South Dakota’s greatest natural resources is the outsized number of veterans who call our state home. We need to make sure all of our neighbors who served have access to education, excellent healthcare, and know every single day how much we appreciate and honor their service and sacrifice.”

Sutton’s “Strong in Service to State and Nation” Veterans plan addresses: veterans healthcare, women veterans, veteran education, Native American veterans, the future state veterans cemetery, and the Michael J. Fitzmaurice South Dakota Veterans Home.

Review the entire plan here.

Billie Sutton is a rancher, financial professional at a small community bank, State Senator, former professional rodeo cowboy, fifth-generation South Dakotan, and candidate for Governor.


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