ICYMI - The Capital Journal: “Casey Tibbs Center: Noem ‘unethical’ in using video from Rodeo Center in governor campaign”

On Thursday, The Capital Journal published an article exposing the Noem Campaign’s most recent unethical behavior in using a non-profit center as the backdrop for campaign footage without permission.

Reporter Stephen Lee wrote:

“U.S. Rep. Kristi Noem’s gubernatorial campaign workers made an unannounced stop on Saturday at the Casey Tibbs Rodeo Center and Museum in Fort Pierre to shoot campaign footage without permission, says Cindy Bahe, director of the Center.

‘It's unethical,’ and maybe illegal,  said Bahe, who will meet later today with the nonprofit Center’s board. She said the chairman is ‘talking to attorneys.’”

“‘We are pretty upset by this,’ Bahe told the Capital Journal. ‘We don’t support any candidate for office. We are a nonprofit. This could threaten our 501c3 status.’”

Read the rest of the article here.

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