Press Release - Noem’s Ties to Special Interests Exposed in “Last Thing”

SIOUX FALLS - Congresswoman Kristi Noem’s ties to deep-pocketed special interests are the subject of a  new TV ad titled: “Last Thing,” which features Peggy, a longtime South Dakota Republican voter ready to break with the status quo and fight corruption in state government.

The ad exposes the facts about Noem’s connection to national special interest money:

Regarding Noem’s ties to special interests, Sutton for South Dakota Campaign Manager Suzanne Jones Pranger said:

Congresswoman Noem has made a living looking after her own political future rather than the future of the people of our state. Now Noem’s self-interest and special-interest connections are catching up with her as South Dakota Republicans are deciding to break with politics as usual and support Billie Sutton’s vision for an honest and transparent state government that represents the people, not the special interests.

Watch the ad here.

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