Press Release - Noem’s Tax Hike Record Exposed in New TV Ad

SIOUX FALLS - In a new ad titled “False,” Kristi Noem’s record of raising taxes and fees – including legislation that raised South Dakota ag property taxes $135 million over the last ten years – is exposed.

In 2008, Noem and her running mate Larry Rhoden sponsored HB 1005. Since the law went into effect, farmers and ranchers paid $135 million more in property taxes in 2017 than in 2008, a 61.4 percent increase.

In fact, in her four years in the South Dakota House of Representatives, Noem supported increases in taxes and fees 57 times. The reality of Noem’s voting record doesn’t align with her empty promises and broken pledge on taxes. She has signed tax pledges before only to then vote to increase taxes in both the State House and in Congress.

While the Congresswoman spreads fact-checked falsehoods about Sutton’s record, Noem hides from her record of hiking taxes in South Dakota. Regarding Noem’s hypocrisy saying one thing on taxes and doing another, Sutton for South Dakota campaign manager Suzanne Jones Pranger said:

“This is yet another example of Noem misleading voters to hide the truth about her own record. The Congresswoman’s claims about Billie Sutton are fact-checked and false. Yet, Kristi Noem doubles down on her lies, hoping she can distract voters from realizing that she was one of the masters behind a 60 percent, $135 million dollar property tax increase and supporter of 56 other tax and fee hikes.” 

Watch the full ad here.


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