Press Release - Sutton Unifies and Noem Divides in SDPB Debate

SIOUX FALLS - Tonight, Senator Billie Sutton made the case for bringing people together around common values to find South Dakota solutions to the issues facing our state. Sutton talked about his experience helping Main Street businesses in his day job as an Investment Executive and his work to build consensus across the aisle as a citizen-legislator.

Throughout the debate, Sutton proposed common sense solutions to issues facing South Dakotans like: early childhood education, which Sutton championed in the Legislature; addressing the uncertainty facing farmers and ranchers in South Dakota; and workforce development opportunities to provide our kids and grandkids good paying jobs right here at home.

Meanwhile, Congresswoman Noem attempted to explain her most recent broken promise to deliver a Farm Bill and doubled down on her partisan rhetoric and empty attacks – demonstrating that she will only focus on the issues that divide us rather than bring us together. Sutton held Noem accountable for her Washington politics and do-nothing record in Congress, where only one bill she prime sponsored passed into law during her 8 years in the US House.


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