Press Release - Noem More Focused on Keeping Job than Doing Job

SIOUX FALLS - A new TV ad titled “Whatever” exposes Washington politician Kristi Noem’s willingness to say or do whatever it takes to stay on the public payroll. The ad highlights No-Show Noem’s “record” in Washington – a record that no hardworking South Dakotan would be proud of.

  • Noem announced she wanted to be governor just six days after being elected to Congress.

  • Then Noem missed more votes than nearly all of her colleagues in the House to run for Governor.

  • Noem snuck $1.6 million dollars of out of state into her campaign just days after South Dakotans voted to make that illegal.

Regarding Noem’s political career doing anything necessary to stay in power while abandoning her responsibilities to South Dakotans, Sutton for South Dakota campaign manager Suzanne Jones Pranger said:

“Congresswoman Noem’s no-show, no-results record in Washington DC proves she’s more focused on keeping the job than doing the job. South Dakotans only have one Representative, and the Congresswoman has skipped on South Dakota to campaign for her next taxpayer-funded government position. She’s been more concerned with sneaking in out-of-state money, against the will of the voters, than doing the people’s work in Washington.”

Watch the full ad here.