Press Release - Sutton Supported by Average South Dakotans, Noem Supported by Washington Establishment

SIOUX FALLS - Campaign finance reports were filed yesterday in South Dakota’s race for Governor, and Senator Billie Sutton reports more cash on hand than his opponent, Congresswoman Kristi Noem, going into the last two weeks of the election. The clear message communicated in the reports is that Billie Sutton is supported by average South Dakotans while Noem is supported by the out-of-state Washington establishment.

Sutton is winning the grassroots support of regular South Dakotans with nearly 90% of dollars raised coming from individuals and 4 in 5 contributions being $100 or less.

On the other hand, less than half of Congresswoman Noem’s money came from individuals, with nearly $1M, or 44% of her total haul, coming from out-of-state and Federal PACs. If out-of-state PACs hadn’t bailed Noem out, Sutton would have out-raised Noem by more than $100k.

Regarding his victory in grassroots fundraising, Sutton said:

"My finance report reflects the same outpouring of support I see every day on the campaign trail. I’m proud that my campaign is powered by the very people I’ve always worked to represent, regular South Dakotans. It’s clear by looking at my opponent’s report that she works for someone else."

Despite being outspent, Sutton enters the final weeks of the election in a strong position, with the polls and election ratings calling the race a toss up. Sutton has more cash on hand going into the last two weeks.