Press Release - Noem’s Trail of Dirty Money Exposed in New TV Ad

SIOUX FALLS - A new TV ad titled “Money” exposes Kristi Noem’s record of chasing campaign checks from out-of-state donors and special interests and then using that money to fund her political ambitions - even if it breaks campaign finance rules and her pledge to voters along the way.

In light of Noem’s career chasing special interest money while ignoring the needs of South Dakotans, Sutton for South Dakota campaign manager Suzanne Jones Pranger said:

“Kristi Noem doesn’t work for South Dakota, plain and simple. Noem works for the Washington special interests who have funded her political career, and that’s why, true to her Washington ways, she exploited loopholes and broke her campaign pledge and campaign finance law to further her political ambitions. South Dakotans cannot trust Kristi Noem to clean up corruption in state government because she and her Washington friends wrote the book on corruption and self-interest.”

Watch the full ad here.