Press Release - Noem: A Tax and Spend Hypocrite

SIOUX FALLS - After all her years in Washington, Congresswoman Kristi Noem seems to have forgotten in South Dakota we tell the truth. While Noem claims to be fiscally responsible, she voted to allow the debt and deficit to go through the roof. Just today, after her 8 years in Washington, the United States Government just posted the largest deficit in years and the national debt is skyrocketing because of the policies Noem supports.

In her four years in the South Dakota House of Representatives, Noem supported increases in taxes and fees more than 50 times. The reality of Noem’s voting record doesn’t align with her empty promises and broken pledge on taxes. She has signed tax pledges before only to then vote to increase taxes in both the State House and in Congress.

This isn’t the first time Noem has been criticized for her inconsistent fiscal record. In fact, when she first ran for congress, she promised to go to DC, reduce spending, and cut the federal debt. Yet, Noem and the rest of Washington continue to spend irresponsibly, plunge deeper into debt, and run the largest federal deficit in years.

In response to Noem’s hypocritical tax and spend record, Sutton for South Dakota campaign manager Suzanne Jones Pranger said:

“Congresswoman Noem has shown she is willing do anything to get elected, including slinging mud, telling lies, and making promises she has no intention to keep. The Congresswoman has broken her word to South Dakotans again and again, supporting over 50 tax and fee increases in her political career. This leaves many South Dakota voters wondering what promises Noem hasn’t broken and if there are any lies she won’t tell to manipulate voters?”


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