Press Release - Conservative Analyst Names Sutton Most Conservative Democrat in SD Legislature

SIOUX FALLS - The American Conservative Union issued ratings for South Dakota’s legislature, ranking Senator Billie Sutton, candidate for South Dakota Governor, as most conservative Democrat in the South Dakota legislature and the 12th most conservative Senator in South Dakota.

In the Senate, Senator Sutton (73%) scored higher than the average Senate Republican scored (70%) on ACU’s rankings. Sutton also scored higher than Congresswoman Noem’s Lt. Governor candidate Larry Rhoden. Sutton was better aligned with the conservative positions on hunting and business regulations than Rhoden.

Senator Billie Sutton said:

“I’m not surprised by this conservative ranking as I have worked hard to reach across the aisle, listen to my constituents, and get things done for South Dakotans regardless of which party came up with a good idea. Working with everyone, I have found common-sense solutions for regular South Dakotans, and that’s the kind of leadership I’ll bring to the state as governor.”

Read the full report here.

Listen to Senator Sutton here.


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