Press Release - Noem Takes Two Week Vacation from Congress; Breaking Promise to Pass Farm Bill Before It Expires Today

SIOUX FALLS - Today, Congresswoman Kristi Noem is enjoying an early vacation from her job in Washington, while forcing farmers to face even greater uncertainty this harvest.

In true DC style, Noem and fellow Washington politicians decided to recess two weeks ahead of schedule to campaign instead of passing a long-term Farm Bill.

Contrary to her promise, Noem and her colleagues left Washington before passing the Farm Bill which expires today– leaving farmers without the certainty of a multi-year farm bill.

Noem has repeatedly promised to pass a new Farm Bill before it expired today, saying in a debate earlier this year: “I’m advocating for the next farm bill to get done and completed before this one expires at the end of September. It will get done because of the passion that I have for agriculture and the knowledge that I have” (May 30, 2018 - 47 min 30 sec).

In response to Noem’s failed leadership in Washington, willingness to quit before the job gets done, and broken promises on the Farm Bill, Sutton for South Dakota Campaign Manager Suzanne Jones Pranger said: 

“True to her Washington DC roots, Kristi Noem broke her promise to farmers, taking an early vacation to campaign for her next taxpayer funded payday while farmers across South Dakota are struggling. The Congresswoman promised South Dakota a new Farm Bill, and she broke that promise today – instead kicking the can down the road, leaving South Dakota farmers with added uncertainty in this already tough time. South Dakotans deserve a leader who keeps their promises and works hard until the job is done.”


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