Educators for Sutton

Billie Sutton spent 8 years in the South Dakota Senate fighting for education, serving an instrumental role in raising teacher pay up from last in the nation with the Blue Ribbon Task Force.

As educators, we know that every decision about our classrooms and schools is a political decision. South Dakotans will elect a new governor who will have a tremendous impact on those decisions.  That is why it is crucial that as educators we raise our voices and help elect the candidate who has demonstrated time and time again that providing a great education for all students, regardless of their zip code, is a priority.  Billie Sutton is endorsed by the South Dakota Education Association’s SD-EPIC (Educators Political Involvement Committee).

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Why Billie?

In 2016, Billie served on the Blue Ribbon Task Force to work to raise teacher pay in South Dakota. The Task Force resulted in the state raising South Dakota teachers’ salaries up from last in the nation, which is a small victory. Unfortunately, South Dakota still remains last in our region in teacher pay, and we have more work to do in order to be competitive with neighboring states in retaining and recruiting the best teachers for our youngest South Dakotans. We also have more work to do in improving the new funding formula to ensure that we use research and data to treat schools of all sizes fairly.

Competitive teacher pay is just one way Billie will look to address the teacher shortage in South Dakota; he’ll also work to create a tuition reimbursement program for teachers who work in underserved communities after earning their degree. Billie will also support educators by increasing flexibility for school districts so that teachers and administrators can best serve the needs of their students and communities.

As governor, Billie will also work with high schools, both urban and rural, to make sure our students are prepared for their next steps after graduation. Finding innovative and collaborative ways to give our schools the resources to offer opportunities to college-bound students as well as students more interested in technical and career training options, will be one of Billie’s top priorities. Billie will work with educators to develop tech experiences for our students and explore more ways students can earn high school and college dual credit while gaining work experience in the community.

Read Sutton’s full plan, “Education for the Next Generation”, including his agenda for early childhood education, K-12 education, and higher education.