60 Ways for 60 Days

Friday, September 7 marked exactly 60 days until election day. Here are 60 ways you can help the campaign in the next 60 days to support Billie! 

  1. Join a phone bank

  2. Use VoterCircle to email your friends about Billie

  3. Wear a Sutton T-shirt

  4. Buy a bumper sticker for your car

  5. Pass out campaign literature in your neighborhood

  6. "Like" Billie's page on Facebook

  7. Donate $25 to pay for a Sutton banner

  8. Walk in a parade for Sutton

  9. Volunteer in a Sutton campaign office

  10. Plant a yard sign in your yard

  11. Share Billie's story with your neighbors

  12. Host a phone bank

  13. Do a random act of kindness on Billie's behalf

  14. Give $50 to the campaign

  15. Share Billie's posts on Facebook

  16. Drive elderly neighbors to the polls

  17. Share Billie's "Education for the Next Generation" plan with family members

  18. Throw a block party to tell people about Billie

  19. Wear a Sutton hat

  20. Write letters about Bille to your friends

  21. Submit a positive letter to the editor to your local paper

  22. Call your grandparents/grand kids about Billie

  23. Vote early for Sutton at your early voting location

  24. Follow Billie on Twitter

  25. Donate $30 for a tank of gas for campaign travels

  26. Dress your kids in Sutton gear for school

  27. Send postcards for Billie

  28. Help distribute Sutton yard signs

  29. Invite friends to "Like" Billie on Facebook

  30. Host a Sutton booth at a special event in your community

  31. Call relatives about Billie

  32. Gift a Sutton t-shirt to someone who looks good in blue

  33. Put a Sutton sticker on your water bottle

  34. Join a ____4Sutton Facebook organizing group

  35. Volunteer at a voter registration drive in your county

  36. Share Sutton's "Restoring Trust and Integrity" plan with friends

  37. Donate $40 to go towards a roll of stickers

  38. Make, share, and submit a #8Seconds4Sutton video

  39. Follow Billie on Instagram

  40. Text your BFFs about Billie

  41. Give a Sutton hat as a birthday gift

  42. Hand out Sutton literature at a park or other public place

  43. Help your friends get yard signs in their yards

  44. Stick a Sutton sticker on your laptop

  45. Ask your friends to donate to Sutton for your birthday

  46. Visit nursing homes to tell people about Billie

  47. Send emails to your contacts telling them about Billie's story and values

  48. Retweet Billie's tweets

  49. Bring your friends to a meet and greet

  50. Spend a Saturday knocking doors in your neighborhood to talk about Billie

  51. Donate $200 to go toward TV time for Sutton commercials

  52. Share Billie's "Building a Stronger South Dakota" economic plan with co-workers

  53. Tell Billie's story to your community group

  54. Give rides to the polls on election day

  55. Host a BBQ with friends to share Billie's story

  56. Join or start a Sutton organizing group in your area

  57. Donate $100 to pay for 20 yard signs

  58. Write letters to your Christmas list about Billie's plans

  59. Gift a bumper sticker to a friend with a car

  60. Vote for Sutton on November 6

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