Governor Billie Sutton: The 100 Day Plan

Senator Billie Sutton is running for Governor of South Dakota to put his values of hard work, honesty, and integrity to work for the people of our great state. Throughout this campaign, he’s listened to South Dakotans all over the state and has heard what’s important to our citizens. In Governor Sutton’s First 100 Days, he’ll prioritize the issues that matter most to us.

Priority #1: Restore Integrity & Trust in South Dakota State Government

Billie Sutton will introduce legislation to restore integrity and trust to state government:

  • Open government records and make them publicly searchable;

  • Require disclosures in lobbying practices and state contracts; and

  • Create an independent ethics commission with citizen involvement.

Priority #2: Study Early Childhood Education

Billie Sutton will take the following action to set us in the right direction to better address early childhood development:

  • Create an early childhood education advisory committee to utilize federal dollars to study the need for early childhood education in both rural and urban communities.

Priority #3: Invite Regional Governors for Meeting on Tariffs and Ag Prices

Billie Sutton shares South Dakotans’ desire to strengthen South Dakota’s ag economy and will take the following steps to support our producers:

  • Invite a bipartisan group of regional governors to a meeting on minimizing the burden of tariffs and improving ag prices. If our representatives in Congress will not work to resolve these issues in a timely manner, agriculture based state governors must come together to bring solutions to leaders in Washington.

Priority #4: Educate for a Strong Workforce

Billie Sutton understands the impact of education on workforce development and will take the following action:

  • Expand opportunities to expose students to technical education, especially those in rural areas, like Billie’s home area of Burke has done through mobile units and collaborative partnerships with other school districts.

Priority #5: Improve Access to Mental & Behavioral Health Services

Billie Sutton recognizes the mental health crisis and will take immediate action to get South Dakotans the care they need through the following next step:

  • Implement recommendations of the Legislature’s 2018 Access to Mental Health Services Summer Study